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Havenwood Boxset ebook

Havenwood Boxset ebook

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Giving Chase: 

Kellan never meant to fall for his older brother’s best friend. Unfortunately, that ship sailed when he was eighteen. Even a one-off hookup with Chase doesn’t sate his desire, but it does result in Chase leaving Havenwood. Chase carries guilt for betraying his best friend with Kellan and then running away. Ten years later, he’s home, and it’s not long until he’s addicted to Kellan all over again. Between sneaking around with Kellan and his dad stirring up trouble, Chase might just lose everything that matters to him.

Murphy’s Law:

Lawson and Remington met at eighteen and carried on a secret relationship for years as Remy shot to fame with his music …until the secrecy tore them apart. Years later, Remy’s struggling with his music and a big helping of anxiety. He finds himself in Havenwood…and in Law’s arms. The connection between them is even stronger than before, but they can’t fall back into the past, hiding from the world and only having each other. Remy can’t lose him again, even if that means risking what he’s always thought defined him—his music.

Hard Knox:

After a string of bad luck, Callum moves to the small town of Havenwood. He doesn’t expect to run into the most beautiful man he’s ever seen…Knox, who happens to be straight. He thought. As he gets to know Callum and bonds with his son, the more Knox realizes he’s not as straight as he thought. Callum makes him want things he’s never wanted. Knox has to take it slow for the sake of his family, but when he’s reminded that nothing in life is guaranteed, he realizes what they’ve built is worth fighting for.

Griff’s Place:

Griffin has never felt like he’s wired like other guys, never really feeling attraction the way everyone else seems to. It’s not until he starts spending time with his brother’s best friend, Josh, and starts wanting him in new ways that Griff realizes he’s demisexual. Josh swore off commitment a long time ago, but Griff is slowly changing that. The more time they spend together, the more his walls crumble down. But with the past looming ever present, Josh has to face that the only way to move forward is to stop looking back…before he loses Griff for good. 

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