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Last Chance Boxset ebook

Last Chance Boxset ebook

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Depth of Field:

 Shane Wallace has made a decent life for himself in Last Chance. He's content with the life he’s made, until one of his childhood bullies comes back to town… looking unfairly hot for someone who spent years tormenting him. Maxwell Sullivan never intended to step foot in Last Chance again. Here, he was a teen who suffered in silence while everyone thought he had the perfect life. He's agreed to come back to town only to help his mom tie up some loose ends after his father's death and to apologize to Shane. Despite their rocky history, the two discover a connection they never thought they would share. With their lives being pulled in opposite directions, can they find their picture-perfect ending? Or will their chance at happiness be ripped apart? 

Content Warning: Childhood physical abuse (in the past), MC who used to bully the other MC. Neither of these are heavy handed and are mostly off page/discussed. 


Color Me In:

Caleb White made a lot of decisions he isn't proud of. Ready for a fresh start, he’s back in Last Chance, the home he was ripped away from at sixteen. Ryan Daily is a pro at hiding his insecurities. Those around him never see how he’s plagued with thoughts that something is missing from his life, making him feel like he’s never quite fit in. One sleepless night in a twenty-four-hour café, will change everything for them both. After bonding over junk food and belly laughs, desire blooms between the pair. In a world of black and white, they bring each other color. When the past comes knocking, Ryan and Caleb will have to reach through the darkness to find the light they see in each other...or risk slipping into the shadows for good. 

Content Warning: loss of a baby/difficulty getting pregnant (in the past). Brief mention of previous suicide attempt. 

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