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Only for the Weekend signed paperback

Only for the Weekend signed paperback

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Nothing in my life is really mine. I take care of my mama, work three jobs, I’m there when anyone needs me. Something about the beautiful, lonely man on my mail route interests me. He’s different in my world, where everything’s the same. I think he hates me, but that doesn’t stop me from hand-delivering every package and trying to find ways to make him smile.

Then Emerson makes me an offer: he’ll pay me to spend the weekends with him, losing ourselves in each other’s bodies, no feelings or pasts involved.

Friday through Sunday become mine, the one thing I do for me. Soon it’s not just the weekends I want, but Emerson. He’s got secrets, though, and won’t let me in.

I landed in the small town of Ryland, hoping to disappear. Finding your boyfriend’s body and being accused of his murder will do that to a guy. The deal with Sam is supposed to be strictly physical, but it doesn’t take long for the adorable, sweet man to get under my skin.

I look forward to his corny jokes, get addicted to the feel of his body against mine. He’s got the biggest heart I’ve ever seen, and with each day, each conversation we have, every laugh we share, Sam brings me back to life.

There’s a million reasons I should stay away: I’m broken, fifteen years older, too sad, too angry, and can’t let my past get out. But Sam makes me want to fight for my happiness if the reward is him. Because having Sam only for the weekend will never be enough.

Only for the Weekend is a grumpy/sunshine, hurt/comfort, age-gap romance with two scarred characters who find comfort in each other. There are themes of alcoholism involving a side character.
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