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Only You ebook

Only You ebook

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Everyone in my life thinks of me as the guy who’s always having fun, the compulsive dater who doesn’t want to settle down. What they don’t know is I can’t fall for another man because I’ve been secretly in love with my childhood best friend for most of my life.

I’ve kept my feelings locked up, because his friendship is better than nothing. When I get a surprise call that he’s getting a divorce and he needs me, I do the only thing possible—jump on a plane to meet him for time away.

In a cabin. With only one bed.

Where I find out my straight best friend isn’t really straight. From the moment he kisses me, I know two things: Being with Dean is even better than I thought possible and I’m going to get my heart broken.

Dean has been the only one for me my whole life, but the way he’s been looking at me…the way he touches me…makes me hope that it’s always been me for Dean too.

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